About Us
Kopetski & Associates provide experts in numerous fields, including:

Marketing & Sales
 - Robust “demand generation” strategies and direct sales support.
 - Channel building
 - Competitive analysis.
 - Marketing campaigns.

Business Development
 - Building a model that works (revenue and expense).
 - Website development, including SEO

Operations and Project Management
 - Ideas fail due to poor execution. Many checks and balances are applied to your model, in order to ensure success.
Our expertise and capabilities extend to numerous contemporary and proven techiques, whether it be web presence or back office.

Blended Learning and Online Learning
 -Early adopter Distance and Computer Based Learning experience with Microsoft, The World Bank, Carnegie Mellon University.

Disruptive Innovation
 -1st to launch performance-based testing – pioneered by Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University
 -1st to adopt remote proctoring techniques in USA

Lean Start-Up
 - Kaizen and Agile (SCRUM) project experience

Design Thinkingcomments from George Kopetski
 - Back in the 80’s we lauded Dr. W Edwards Deming for his pioneering efforts in Kaizen or Continuous Improvement (now referred as Six Sigma). I believe that Design Thinking is a natural extension of this pioneering approach, for which I am a de facto “black belt”, having studied under the tutelage of Motorola and Xerox. The notion that design is a verb or process, not a noun, is key to the approach. We understand the key elements, and approach.
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